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TV Show Title Air date Director
Comic Book Men 6 x 1

Bucket List

Walt and the boys go on a trip to cross off a bucket-list item; four key Spider-Man issues come to the Stash.

Bucket List 2016-10-23
Comic Book Men 6 x 2

Mistress of the Stash

The Stash sponsors a blood drive at the shop with the help of horror queen Elvira; the boys discuss the joys of "Mystery Science Theater 3000."

Mistress of the Stash 2016-10-30
Comic Book Men 5 x 11


When Ming gets a selfie stick, he tries to go viral by filming the Stash; Walt examines bootleg toys of an '80s blockbuster.

Insta-Ming 2016-03-21
Comic Book Men 5 x 12

Baby Jay

Jason Mewes brings his baby daughter to the Stash so she can meet the guys. Later, a customer sells a collection of comic-book Slurpee cups.

Baby Jay 2016-03-28
Comic Book Men 5 x 13

Hometown Heroes

In the fifth-season finale, Phoenix Jones, a real-life superhero, visits the Stash and patrols Red Bank, N.J., with the guys. Later, Walt reminisces about an iconic Batman playset.

Hometown Heroes 2016-04-04
Comic Book Men 5 x 9

Suburban Cowboys

An old pal inspires the gang to don their cowboy hats and journey back to the old Wild West. A customer comes in seeking an iconic ’80s comic.

Suburban Cowboys 2016-03-07
Comic Book Men 5 x 10

Tell 'Em, Jim Lee!

Artist Jim Lee shares tales from the world of comics on the podcast; a comic book brings wedding bells to the Stash.

Tell 'Em, Jim Lee! 2016-03-14
Comic Book Men 5 x 7

Making Clay

Walt and Bryan audition the Secret Stash employees for a role in their new claymation film with friend and fellow podcaster Brian Quinn.

Making Clay 2016-02-22
Comic Book Men 5 x 8

Royal Romita

Legendary comics artist John Romita Jr. draws an original piece for the Stash. Bryan’s interest is piqued by an Evel Knievel toy from his childhood.

Royal Romita 2016-02-29
Comic Book Men 5 x 5


A hot zombie comic prompts the guys to reconsider their apocalyptic preparations. An eccentric collector comes seeking Walt's help.

Stash-pocalypse 2015-11-09